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Rental Agencies can now create a profile here on Cyprus Long Lets and post all of their properties completely FREE OF CHARGE. Simply fill in the form below, add your logo, read and agree to the terms, and click Register:

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Terms of Service.

Rental agencies must adhere to the following terms and conditions in order to use this service:

  • Discretion. Rental agencies may ONLY post listings via their registered account/dashboard. Falsely advertising a property for sale or rent as a private landlord is considered a legal offense and may result in prosecution.
  • All property listings must be published honestly (to the best of their knowledge)
  • Rental agencies may be contacted directly from perspective clients via their publicly listed telephone number or by email. Agents agree to be courteous and professional.
  • This site MAY NOT be used to "poach" clients. A rental agency may contact a private landlord from this site if they have a client specifically interested in that property, but may not request the private landlord sign that property with the agency. Any agent found doing so will face immediate and lifetime ban from using this service.

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